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                                          ┬źDivorce family syndrome in students┬╗








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According to Eurostat, the European Statistical Institute, while the number of marriages per 1000 people in the EU decreased, the number of divorces increased. The number of divorces rose from 2.6 to 5.5 per 1,000 married people, while the number of children born within marriage decreased, while the rate of children born to unmarried couples increased. However, among all living things on earth, the human offspring is the type that needs help the most. He comes into the world quite unprotected and needs the support of a guide to survive. From the first moment he was born, the people who meet his material and spiritual needs and prepare him for life are his parents. The child, who lives with and is cared for by his parents, feels the joy of life and can obtain the necessary energy to work and succeed. However, the disintegration of the family as a result of death or divorce either interrupts the education and socialization process of the child or affects these processes negatively. The psychosocial/economic needs of the child who is separated from his/her parents due to death/divorce cannot be fully met. The child has to face the difficulties of life alone, away from the feelings of interest, love, spirituality and compassion. Especially at school age, the child who is faced with the disintegration of the family cannot provide the necessary internal motivation for academic success and school success decreases. Primary school age is the critical age level for acquiring social behaviors. The place where the problems arising from the lack of parents first emerge in the society is pre-school and primary school. For this reason, it is aimed to psychologically support students whose parents are divorced, which we identify as a disadvantaged student group. There is no doubt that teachers, who are the most influential person on the child after the parents, are the right people for psychological support.

Therefore, in the project, we will work to increase the skills of teachers. Our most important goal in this project is to provide psychological support to students whose parents are divorced in our schools. For this, we aim to increase the competence of our teachers in terms of psychological support. Thus, our students will integrate into the society as self-confident, social and successful individuals and will be able to cope more easily with some problems arising from the separation of their parents. In this project, we aim to equip our disadvantaged students, that is, students with divorced parents, with a quality early childhood period and basic skills. This goal is in line with the goals of inclusiveness and diversity in the field of education, which is one of the horizontal priorities of the Erasmus+ program, and combating learning disadvantages.


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